Stop Playing By Their Rules: An Artist Guide On How To Market To Fans

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Social media networks are unreliable when it comes to actually reaching your fans who have liked or followed your page. Social media networks have a life cycle and your favourite platform will either eventually die, be replaced with another network, or use algorithms against you. Why? Because once a social media network reaches critical mass, it introduces an algorithm that will decrease your reach and ‘encourage’ you to spend money to reach your following. This doesn’t mean you should delete your account or to stop using social media altogether. This book is going to show you how to leverage social media and siphon your followers to more intimate and effective communication channels.

Written by Adulis Chedo Mokanan who has had over a decade experience in radio, programming, writing and publicity. He started his own multimedia entertainment company and managed multiple artists. He currently hosts a weekly podcast and oversees a music website that receives hundreds of submissions weekly. He has interviewed hundreds of big name and up-and-coming artists. From his years of experience in the music industry, Chedo’s seen what’s worked and what hasn’t. He wants to share this information to help you as an artist, succeed.

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Stop Playing By Their Rules: An Artist Guide On How To Market To Fans

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